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The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia

Reflecting a rich and diversified traditional architecture and bearing a strong territorial identity, the 32 villages of the network make up 32 places of character. Each one is unique in its genre. Let yourself be carried away by the charm and authenticity of our region, and prepare for your next visit! The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia is another way to discover Wallonia more intimately and subtly.

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Ardenne : 4 villages

Condroz : 7 villages


Nestled in a valley surrounded by hills, Celles reveals its hidden treasures along the streets. Discover its romantic castle and collegiate church, a true masterpiece of Roman art!

Province : Namur Municipality : Houyet Region : Condroz
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A little jewel nestled in the heart of the Condroz, Chardeneux offers an unspoilt rural setting. Its narrow streets, where magnificent stone buildings stand side by side, invite you to take a walk.

Province : Namur Municipality : Somme-Leuze Region : Condroz
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Crupet is immersed in a lush natural environment, dotted with streams and typical narrow streets where mills once operated. The devil watches from his cave; below, the Maison Forte watches.

Province : Namur Municipality : Assesse Region : Condroz
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To admire the towers of the prestigious castle farm, cross the thousand and one twists and turns of the Molignée and Flavion valleys, the cosy cradles where Falaën is located.

Province : Namur Municipality : Onhaye Region : Condroz
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Nestled between copses, meadows and gardens, Mozet is slow to emerge from its medieval lethargy: a castle and houses made of slate and local stone, grottos, and caverns tell its story.

Province : Namur Municipality : Gesves Region : Condroz
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Paced by the joyful melody of the Molignée's curves, Sosoye extends along the main street by the river. Its limestone houses are nestled at the foot of the Ranzinelle Mountain.

Province : Namur Municipality : Anhée Region : Condroz
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Thon and Samson were united for the better: rich in nature, Samson seduced Thon and its beautiful Condroz building. The two of them adorn the landscapes of meadows and coppices that embrace them in te

Province : Namur Municipality : Andenne Region : Condroz
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Fagne-Famenne : 8 villages


Barbençon, flanked by its medieval castle, opens the doors to the history of marble and glass workers. Its historic centre is brimming with characterful houses, and its lake invites relaxation.

Province : Hainaut Municipality : Beaumont Region : Fagne-Famenne
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Lompret is hiding a queen: nature. If the silhouette of the old feudal castle can still be made out, the Eau Blanche, a generous river, buzzes around the majestic, century-old yew trees.

Province : Hainaut Municipality : Chimay Region : Fagne-Famenne
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In the heart of the village, between the old castle farm, the farmhouse and the limestone church, the old lime tree dominates with its 3.77 m circumference and will tell you about its former Lords.

Province : Liège Municipality : Ferrières Region : Fagne-Famenne
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Between the light and dark grey tones, the limestone houses of Ny respond to the many fountains present. The water sings and lulls the streets with a gentle melody.

Province : Luxembourg Municipality : Hotton Region : Fagne-Famenne
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Sohier en fleurs


Blue, red, mauve and yellow flash across the façades of the houses in the main street. In Sohier, flowers are as important as the castle and the richness of the stone houses.

Province : Luxembourg Municipality : Wellin Region : Fagne-Famenne
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Soulme paysage


Well protected behind the hill overlooking the Hermeton valley, this small village of about fifty beautiful houses and stone farms still lives to the rhythm of the seasons and the work in the fields.

Province : Namur Municipality : Doische Region : Fagne-Famenne
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Flanked on a hillside, the village unfolds its streets, alleys and stairs like a waterfall towards the Viroin. Bathed in exceptional flora and fauna, the houses stand at the foot of the castle.

Province : Namur Municipality : Viroinval Region : Fagne-Famenne
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At the corner of a path, a stone bed emerges, empty! In these inspiring lands, legends are popular. The sandstone and half-timbered houses, all with flowers, add to the village's charm.

Province : Luxembourg Municipality : Durbuy Region : Fagne-Famenne
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Lorraine : 3 villages

Pays de Herve : 4 villages

Plateau limoneux hennuyer : 3 villages

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The association Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie (The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia) oversees a network of 32 villages, bearers of a strong territorial identity and reflecting traditional architecture. It is committed to promoting the rural, cultural and natural heritage of Wallonia and is a part of the development of local and responsible tourism.

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