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The must-sees

  • Mélin Square and Fortemps Farm (17th & 19th c.): A triangular square and old farm with the main building having a stepped gable overhang
  • Hesserée Farm (15th et 18th c.): Quadrilateral seigniorial farm with an imposing porch dungeon
  • Cense du Seigneur (16th-17th c.): Old Mélin seigniory built in Gobertange stone
  • Old Presbytery (18th c.): Dated 1729, old parish church with a brick façade embellished with Gobertange stone – Listed monument 
  • Wahenges Farm (18th c.): Example of a large quadrilateral farm, former property of the Averbode Abbey – Exceptional heritage of Wallonia (Outside the village – 2 km)
  • Gobertange Stone: White limestone extracted near Mélin and renowned for its quality (Grand-Place and Town Hall of Brussels, Mélin village, etc.)


A white paradise

Which of the sun-gilded wheat or the walls of Melin’s houses are brighter? It’s difficult to tell because each one likes to reflect as much light as the sun in the middle of summer. Mélin, it’s all that: a village well settled around rich agricultural plains and valleys, comprising several buildings made of local white stone, known as Gobertange stone. Among these buildings, there are small farms but also imposing farms with red and black tile roofs, particularly the Fortemps farm, the Cense du Seigneur, or the Hesserée farm, a reminder of a time when the lords reigned supreme.


But the stone is not all: the Gobertange stream and its tributaries, the ponds, the wrought iron bridges, the rows of willows and poplars planted along the paths and paved squares give the village a “very Provincial” sense of harmony. The church of Notre-Dame de la Visitation wallows in the middle of these little streets. Mélin also enjoys festivities: the wine festival, garden festival and artisanal exhibitions bring the village to life throughout the year. And gourmets are in for a treat because the village has a gourmet restaurant. Enjoy your visit.


Maison du Tourisme du Brabant wallon

Place du Brabant wallon 1

1300 Wavre

+32 (0) 10/ 23 61 08

Qualité Village Mélin asbl
Rue de Sclimpré, 1
1370 Jodoigne
Tél. : + 32 (0) 10/ 81 01 65
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  • Limbourg

FOCUS: The Romantic Walks of the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia, it was this weekend in Limbourg! A look back at the event!


The romantic walk organised on Saturday 18 June in Limburg brought together no less than 270 participants. A look back at the event!

  • Limbourg

Back to the inauguration of the Place Saint-Georges in LIMBOURG


On Saturday 18 June, the magnificent St. George's Square was inaugurated in Limburg's beautiful village. A look back at this beautiful afternoon!

  • Falaën

The HEART of FALAEN, by ELBE (Laurent Berbach)


Circuit "Six steps towards Art between Samson and Lesse": "The HEART of FALAEN", imagined and realized by the artist Elbe, alias Laurent Berbach, has just found its place in the "heart" of the village of Falaën!

  • Chassepierre
  • Nobressart
  • Torgny

Photo exhibition

Agenda News

Outdoor exhibition of photos of the winners of the "Regards sur la Lorraine" competition in the heart of the 3 Lorraine villages.

  • Aubechies
  • Barbençon
  • Celles
  • Chardeneux
  • Chassepierre
  • Clermont-sur-Berwinne
  • And other villages

NEW/ Brochure Authenticity in the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia - 2022-2023 edition


Our new brochure "Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie - L'Authenticité à portée de main" is out! Discover it here!

  • Saint-Remy-Geest

The NETWORK of the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia is growing!


Het dorp SAINT-REMY-GEEST, gelegen in de gemeente JODOIGNE, is toegetreden tot "Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie"!

  • Wéris

The "Four Musical Seasons of the BWV" - Act III: CLASSICAL / WORLD MUSIC CONCERT


DUO KIASMA (Pierre Fontenelle on cello and Frin Wotter on accordion) will perform works by: Vivaldi - Rameau - Villa-Lobos - Piazzola - Garcia-Fons- Traditional Irish music)

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The association Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie (The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia) oversees a network of 31 villages, bearers of a strong territorial identity and reflecting traditional architecture. It is committed to promoting the rural, cultural and natural heritage of Wallonia and is a part of the development of local and responsible tourism.