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The must-sees

  • Saint-Martin Church: Overlooking the Semois, a beautiful white monument erected in 1702 in the middle of an old enclosed cemetery
  • Old mill and Fairy Hole: Remains of an old mill and a cavity dug into the rock, home to magical beings…
  • Old Presbytery: Imposing residence built in 1790, characterised by the height of its floors and its “Mansard roof”
  • Passerelle du Breux : rebuild on the ruins of the old tramway bridge that disappeared during the Second World War

A charming and surprising discovery

In August, Chassepierre teems with artists and spectators. This lovely village is the venue for the annual International Street Arts Festival. It is also a paradise for painters, who see it as a dream setting: the Semois river with its graceful curls wrapping around the village in its dominant white colours in a majestic green setting characterised by a first steep cuesta (hill).

The fairies must have bent over its cradle, and their traces can be found below the church: the “Trou des Fées” (Fairy Hole), an exceptional geological witness of the Tertiary era, is a network of underground galleries dug by man in the calciferous rock. Extending under the foundations of the old mill and joining the presbytery, they merge with the cellars. The “Trou des Fées” (Fairy Hole) and the ruins of the mill have been restored and integrated into a tour.

The mill, known as “ordinary”, is fitted out to receive theatrical and musical events… The 1702 church has a white plaster finish. The 18th and 19th century houses surrounding it make up an interesting architectural whole that invites you to discover it. Every Sunday morning, the farmers’ market takes place in the heart of the village.

Maison du Tourisme de Gaume 
Rue du Moulin, 35

6740 Etalle
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Syndicat d’Initiative de Florenville s/ Semois
Esplanade du Panorama, 1
6820 Florenville
Tél. : +32 (0)61/ 31 12 29 
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The association Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie (The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia) oversees a network of 32 villages, bearers of a strong territorial identity and reflecting traditional architecture. It is committed to promoting the rural, cultural and natural heritage of Wallonia and is a part of the development of local and responsible tourism.

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