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The must-sees

  • Castle farm (16th & 17th c.): Former seat of a land seigniory developed from a medieval keep
  • Old school and Town hall (19th c.): Classical brick building
  • The Forge Castle (18th c.): An impressive classical residence, the former property of the Master of the Forges, with a tower of medieval inspiration (Outside the village – 1 km)
  • Ruins of the Samson Fortress: Ruins standing on a rocky promontory above the confluence of the Samson and the Meuse – Listed site
  • Samson Valley: Typical valley and site of great biological interest “Natura 2000”


A village of castles

History has always distinguished between Thon and Samson: along their winding streets, the two towns have their urban and heritage characteristics specific to their location. The diversity of Samson’s natural resources complements the beautiful homogeneity of the stunning Condroz building in Thon limestone. Today, the two together make a pair. Thon is situated in a small valley and is centred around the main street, where you will find the classical church of Saint-Rémi and the splendid 17th century castle farm.

Samson stretches its dwellings along the valley of the Samson, a river that flows a few hectometres further north into the Meuse. Samson is located on both river banks connected by a footbridge. On the heights, you can see the ruins of a fortress. Only two towers remain. Not far from there, the “Samson rocks” have been listed since 1944. From there, wide expanses of farmland offer breathtaking views of the Meuse valley. And just a few kilometres away, the Scladina Grotto reveals the bowels of the earth.  With its museum, it is a major prehistoric excavation site in Belgium.


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  • Celles
  • Crupet
  • Falaën
  • Mozet
  • Sosoye
  • Thon-Samson
  • And other villages

"Six pas vers l’Art entre Samson et Lesse" in Thon-Samson and Mozet


The project «Six pas vers l’Art entre Samson et Lesse» is progressing rapidly! 2 new works to discover in Thon-Samson and Mozet!

  • Thon-Samson

"Six pas vers l’Art entre Samson et Lesse" in Thon-Samson

Archives News

The creation of the work that will soon be installed in Thon-Samson as part of the project "Six pas vers l’Art entre Samson et Lesse" is progressing rapidly!

  • Laforêt

Let's go for a walk in ... LAFORET


Laforêt - "La forêt racontée", "Ré - enchantons l'ordinaire", "De la forêt à Laforêt", discover or rediscover this exceptional Ardennes village set in its magnificent green setting!

  • Chassepierre
  • Nobressart
  • Torgny

Photo exhibition

Agenda News

Outdoor exhibition of photos of the winners of the "Regards sur la Lorraine" competition in the heart of the 3 Lorraine villages.

  • Aubechies
  • Barbençon
  • Celles
  • Chardeneux
  • Chassepierre
  • Clermont-sur-Berwinne
  • And other villages

NEW/ Brochure Authenticity in the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia - 2022-2023 edition


Our new brochure "Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie - L'Authenticité à portée de main" is out! Discover it here!

  • Ragnies

Retour sur notre Balade paysagère à RAGNIES

Town planning department

Ce samedi 22 octobre, la MAISON DE L’URBANISME DES PLUS BEAUX VILLAGES DE WALLONIE est partie à la découverte du Beau Village de RAGNIES !

  • Limbourg

Sensibilisation des jeunes de Limbourg aux enjeux de l’aménagement du territoire 

Town planning department

Ce 2 novembre, notre Maison de l’Urbanisme est partie à la rencontre des Jeunes de Limbourg dans le cadre de l’action PADE – Sensibilisation aux enjeux de l’aménagement du territoire.

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The association Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie (The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia) oversees a network of 31 villages, bearers of a strong territorial identity and reflecting traditional architecture. It is committed to promoting the rural, cultural and natural heritage of Wallonia and is a part of the development of local and responsible tourism.