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How peaceful it is to enter Olne: crossing the cottony landscapes of the magnificent Herve region made up of meadows and orchards, this little town welcomes you and evokes its history through its 17th and 18th century houses. The Mosan-style village houses and farms built of brick or limestone rubble are precious evidence of what the little town once was a long time ago: an important centre of rural industrialisation. Here and there are traces of the industry linked to the limestone quarries, houses that once belonged to earthenware manufacturers, linen makers and also nail makers, the entrance pavilion of a former castle, an elegant residence in the classical style that has become the town hall, the Cense de Froidbermont, or the church of Saint-Sébastien, now a listed monument.

The extraordinary richness of the buildings gives the place a beautiful harmony and homogeneity. The rivalry of its neighbours, Verviers and Liège, has refocused it on agricultural activity and today brings it a well-deserved calm that allows for a stroll. There are about ten signposted walks that open onto the traditional Herve bocages and encourage you to discover the surprising local products.



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Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Herve
Place de la Gare, 1
4650 Herve
Tél : +32 (0) 87/ 69 31 70
Site web


Administration communale de Olne
Rue du Village, 37
4877 Olne
Tél. : + 32 (0) 87/ 26 02 72
Site web

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The association Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie (The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia) oversees a network of 32 villages, bearers of a strong territorial identity and reflecting traditional architecture. It is committed to promoting the rural, cultural and natural heritage of Wallonia and is a part of the development of local and responsible tourism.

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