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The "unusual" of the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia

Do you dream of an unusual destination away from the hustle and bustle of the city and conventional tourist routes? An unexpected and offbeat activity? Then let yourself be surprised by places "off the beaten track"! Change your perspective and enjoy the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia!

Hennuyer silt plateau 

These Aubechians are crazy…! Almost as much as the Romans, who seem to be obsessed with them! It must be said that the village of Aubechies was located near one of the seven Roman roads in northern Gaul. At the bend in an alley, you are not dreaming, and it is indeed a Roman residence, the Domus Romana, which is on display to your astonished gaze. It’s the reconstruction of a Gallo-Roman house from the 2nd century by its passionate owner. A rich archaeological past crowned by a unique site: the Archéosite d’Aubechies. In the summer, come and discover the professions of the ironmonger, the stonecutter and the baker as they were practised in the past. A great leap back in time, in the form of fun activities with a change of scenery! Finally, don’t miss the authentic Saint-Gery tavern’s vintage decoration and warm atmosphere to round off your day!

Taverne insolite Saint-Gery à Aubechies

Taverne Saint-Gery à Aubechies © Rita photographie

Décoration Taverne Saint-Gery à Aubechies

Décoration rétro -Taverne Saint-Gery © Yoshimura

What about a small living museum full of pharmaceutical objects from the end of the 19th century? It’s near Ragnies, on the site of the Château de Fosteau located in Leers-et-Fosteau, that it’s happening! In the village centre, admire the old views that adorn the alleys and take you back in time.



At the entrance to Celles, admire the carcass of a German panzer, a reminder of the Battle of the Bulge, where the Von Rundstedt offensive was halted in 1944 … In the heart of the town, visit the two crypts of the Collegiate Church of Saint-Hadelin, where the relics of the Saint were kept. Enter the hermitage via the Way of the Cross, which has recently been enhanced by a contemporary artistic intervention. After a short, challenging climb, you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the town!

A few kilometres from Chardeneux, in Heure, come and try your hand at farm golf, where two teams compete in the middle of meadows and tall grass. Watch out for the cow dung!

Golf fermier à Heure

Golf fermier à Heure

In Crupet, the amazing artificial cave dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua is definitely worth a visit. Also known as the Devil’s Cave, it has attracted visitors for over 100 years. Visit the House of Gifts, which is full of souvenirs, religious items and novelties. Or stay in one of the unusual accommodations on the Ronchinne estate. In the heart of a 42-hectare park, with a breathtaking view of the forest and the sumptuous 1884 chateau, the ” Faisanderies “, the ” Cabane Perchée “, the ” Loft Cube “, the ” Dortoirs ” or the ” Bivouac ” will offer you a guaranteed moment of detachment!

grotte du diable crupet

Grotte Saint-Antoine de Padoue ou “Grotte du diable” à Crupet © WBT – J.P.Remy

Crupet Loft Cube Ronchinne

Loft Cube à Ronchinne – Crupet © Domaine de Ronchinne

Land of Herve

Discover the beautiful region of the Pays de Herve and Vesdre thanks to the extraordinary tour “In the heart of the Pays de Herve and Vesdre“, which will show you the beauty of the 4 beautiful villages of the region! This route will reveal the essentials, of course, but above all, it will encourage you to open your eyes and understand the more discreet charms, only to be revealed to the most attentive and curious! With its magnificent bocage landscapes, a terroir that will delight the taste buds of gourmets, and remarkable built heritage, this region between Vesdre and Meuse has a lot to offer!

In Clermont-sur-Berwinne, at the Remember Museum 39-44, you will be transported back in time by the amazing collection of World War II exhibits in this small museum. You can also discover the old communal house which spans the main street and is now used as a wedding hall, which means that in Clermont “We get married in the street”!

Remember Museum Clermont_sur_Berwinne

Remember Museum à Clermont-sur-Berwinne © Ardenne web

Ancienne maison communale de Clemont-sur-Berwinne

Ancienne maison communale de Clermont-sur-Berwinne © Mark Rossignol

On Place Saint-Georges, the Espace ARVO, housed in the former Justice of the Peace building, is an unavoidable stopover during your visit to Limbourg! Don’t miss the stile trail, a wonderful way to wander through the green meadows on “stiles”. In other words, passages that take the form of chicanes, ladders, back and forth, steps, standing stones or turnstiles.

In the heart of the village of Olne, come and discover the Chantoir de la Falise, which takes its name from the Walloon word “tschtwêr” (to sing), or the old nail factory and its “nail tree”. Take a walk along the stile path, where the portals enable you to pass between two meadows.

A stop in Soiron will enable you to discover an amazing washtub with a duck staircase, the surprising walls of the cemetery in which tombs are incorporated or an old thistle dryer, a remnant of the flourishing wool industry.



Do you dream of falling asleep looking at the stars, listening to the frogs singing, the water lapping or the sound of the trees? In that case, head for the Virelles Aquascope near Lompret. On the programme, an unforgettable night with a view of the starry sky in one of the two spheres built along the pond!

Nuitée à l'aquascope de Virelles

Nuit insolite au bord de l’étang de Virelles © Teddy Verneuil

In terms of unusual accommodation, the village of My should not be forgotten. At the Manoir des Anges, you will have a magical time in the “Chaumière aux Fées”, the “Roulotte d’Alégria”, the “Chalet de la Forêt”, the “Suite du Maharadja” or the “Suite d’Atlantide”. Magic and relaxation are guaranteed!

Vierves-sur-Viroin invites you to go back in time by boarding the 3 Valleys steam train, which links Mariembourg to Treignes by crossing the village or discovering the Espace Arthur Masson. You can see a reconstituted classroom as it was in 1932!

Chemin de Fer à Vapeur des 3 Vallées Mariembourg Treignes

Chemin de fer à vapeur des 3 vallées Mariembourg – Treignes © cfv3v

In the countryside around Wéris, you will certainly be surprised by an incredible discovery: megalithic sites from the first half of the 3rd millennium BC! It’s the best-preserved site in Wallonia. Come and discover the ‘Devil’s Bed’ and the ‘Haina Stone’. As you leave the village, you will be struck by the originality of this organic house, straight from the imagination of its designer-owner.

Site mégalithique de Wéris

Site mégalithique de Wéris © Yoshimura

Maison organique à Wéris

Maison organique à Wéris © Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie


From the village fountain of Laforêt, go on an adventure on the trail of Legends. As you stroll along, you will discover the “wild hunter”, the “white lady”, the “verbouc”, the “devil”, the “nutons”, or the “werewolf”… Don’t miss the discovery of the old tobacco-drying sheds scattered around the village. Admire these centuries-old wooden frames that stand proudly in silhouette and still seem to defy the winds! The ceiling of the Church of Saint Agatha, painted in the 1960s by the Namur artist J-M Londot, will also attract your attention! In summer, you can walk over the famous “Pont de Claies“, a wooden bridge over the Semois below the village, a legacy of the tobacco growers who used it to reach the farmland along the river without taking a diversion. Notice to intrepid hikers!

Plafond de l'église Sainte-Agathe à Laforêt - J-M Londot

Plafond de l’église Sainte-Agathe à Laforêt par J-M Londot © Yoshimura

Pont de claies Vresse-sur-Semois

Pont de claies à Laforêt © Rita photographie

With an original concept, the ” chariot à fondue ” will give you a surprising taste experience on the outskirts of the village of Our! Towed by Ardennes horses, you will enjoy a delicious fondue made of regional products during a ride in the open air!



Below the church of Chassepierre, you will discover a witness of the geological time known as the ” Fairies hole “: tunnels once dug by men in the limestone and which form a mysterious network attributed, perhaps, to the residence of magical beings…. There, you can admire the ruins of the old mill, which are the venue for theatrical, musical and other events. And finally, don’t miss the Breux footbridge. Rebuilt on the ruins of the old tramway bridge that was bombed at the end of the Second World War, it links the two entrances to the village on the Semois side and opens the way for the ‘RAVeL’ route.

Chassepierre Trou des fées

Trou des fées à Chassepierre © Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie

Passerelle du Breux à Chassepierre

Passerelle du Breux à Chassepierre © Rita photographie

13 Walks Unusual

Land of Herve
  • Clermont-sur-Berwinne

Clermont-sur-Berwinne: in the heart of the Pays de Herve

Short walks

Dear visitors, as you look out over Clermont from its 17th-century church, don't you get dizzy at the sight of all those pretty weather vanes in the sky?

  • Crupet
Crupet under the snow

Crupet: at the whim of its windmills

Short walks

In the hollow of the narrow valley of the Crupet and its tributaries, the modest beauty of the stone houses, gracefully nestled in a peaceful and undulating environment, will charm your visual senses.

Land of Herve
  • Clermont-sur-Berwinne
  • Limbourg
  • Olne
  • Soiron

Unusual tour: In the heart of the Pays de Herve and Vesdre


As you travel through the Pays de Herve and Vesdre, explore the landscapes and the remarkable built heritage of the region's 4 beautiful villages.

  • Mélin

Mélin: fields & a white village

Long hikes

A short distance from Jodoigne, Mélin is hidden in a hilly agricultural landscape bordered by woods.

Hennuyer silty plateau
  • Aubechies

Aubechies: in the times of Aubechies

Long hikes

The village of Aubechies is set against a backdrop of crops and meadows where the eye can wander in a particularly rural setting.

  • Chassepierre

Chassepierre: when the Semois takes centre stage 

Short walks

Chassepierre most likely owes its name to the two Latin words "Casa Petra, " meaning "house of stone".

  • Laforêt

Laforêt: along the Semois river

Long hikes

The aptly named Laforêt is located along the Semois in the heart of the Ardennes woodland.

  • Wéris

Wéris: stones of legends

Long hikes

An enchanting walk to discover the superb megalithic monuments, which form the core of the folklore of the most beautiful village of Wéris.

  • Wéris

Wéris: land and stones of legends

Short walks

On the edge of the Fagne-Famenne region, the high wooded slopes unfold a village with a traditional silhouette in a gently undulating landscape of farmland and meadows.

  • Celles
Architecture Celles en Condroz

Celles: on the tracks of Saint-Hadelin

Short walks

Welcome to the footsteps of Saint-Hadelin, to Celles, in the Namur Condroz.

Hennuyer silty plateau
  • Ragnies

Ragnies: a farm at every bend

Short walks

Not far from Thuin, bordered to the south by the Bois du Luiseul and to the north by the Bois des Agaises, Ragnies stretches along the Marais stream.

  • Vierves-sur-Viroin
Château des comtes de Hamal à Vierves-sur-Viroin

Vierves-sur-Viroin: a meeting with nature

Short walks

From the heights, your eye zooms in on the village and the castle of the Counts of Hamal.

Hennuyer silty plateau
  • Aubechies

Aubechies: travel back in time

Short walks

Aubechies is a little green village near Beloeil in the province of Hainaut.

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