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Festivities in the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia

The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia, or the celebration of festivities that have marked the history of our region! More than just the expression of a regional intangible heritage, it is a unique opportunity to spend intense moments of conviviality, in a singular and enchanting space-time! Mark your calendars!

Hennuyer silt plateau

In early August, the theatre invites itself to the Montignies-sur-roc Castle! And around 15 August, the weekend of the draught horse offers you, for three days, to discover and rediscover the professions linked to these sturdy horses, as well as many demonstrations and competitions!

MONTIGNIES theatre au chateau C Royal Syndicat d'Initiative du Haut Pays

Théâtre au château à Montignies-sur-Roc © Royal Syndicat d’Initiative du Haut Pays


In Hesbaye, Mélin is one of those dynamic and festive places where craft exhibitions, wine festivals and garden festivals bring the village to life every month!

fete des jardins melin

Fête des jardins de Mélin © Qualité Village Mélin


In early May, Celles hosts a large concentration of Allied military vehicles from the Second World War as well as historical re-enactments. The company of the Terre de Celles promotes and perpetuates the folklore of the locality, in particular through its three recurring annual events: the anniversary of Saint Hadelin, the procession of Foy-Notre-Dame and the chapter on the last Sunday in August. Finally, on 21 July, don’t miss the traditional flea market that brings the heart of the village to life!


Compagnie de la Terre de Celles © François Delfosse

Every year, the Li Crochon brotherhood invites you to its gourmet walk: while discovering the village of Falaën, this seven-kilometre walk is punctuated by culinary stops and musical entertainment!

Land of Herve

The Pays de Herve also carries the colours of its village festivities loud and clear.

On the last weekend of June (in odd-numbered years), “Olne Autrefois” offers two days of festivities during which the old houses and small streets welcome several dozen artisans who revive the Walloon know-how of the past. The village’s past is vividly evoked by old forgotten professions, folk dances and music.

Would you like to discover the streets of the village of Soiron in a different way? “Soiron sur Scène” fills the neighbourhood with laughter and magic and is the must-see event of August!

pays de herve Soiron sur scène

Soiron sur scène © Shane Caroli



Every year, in Barbençon, the Grand Feu (Sunday following Mardi Gras) ensures atmosphere and sociability! On the weekend of 15 August, discover the Grand Ducasse and its procession in honour of Notre-Dame de la Lumière, as well as the traditional Marches of l’Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse!

In the village of My, the traditional “Spring Market” is the place to be every May 1st. Thousands of visitors walk the town streets to meet artists and artisans.

In Sohier, the “Weekend of Special Beers” takes place in February! With more than 120 special beers to discover in a musical atmosphere, this is a key event in the region not to be missed!

Every year in February, the traditional Carnival of Vierves-sur-Viroin is held, culminating in a procession on Shrove Tuesday, with a fanfare followed by the burning of the man. Join us in the village’s streets in costume to experience this folkloric event, which can boast of being one of the oldest carnivals in the country!

carnaval Vierves-sur-viroin

Carnaval de Vierves-sur-Viroin © François Delfosse


In Laforêt, the non-profit organisation “l’Ardennaise” has been running its traditional artisanal and musical fair for over 40 years (end of July). Artisans and craftsmen rub shoulders with local products in a musical atmosphere that is sure to please!



Every year, at the end of August, the village of Chassepierre hosts “The International Street Arts Festival”, the oldest festival in Europe dedicated to street art. The programme includes 50 professional troupes from all over the world, offering theatre, dance, circus, music, puppetry, plastic arts, etc., for everyone’s pleasure!

Festival de Chassepierre © PH Roland

Every year on the third Sunday in July, the “Foire Artisanale de Torgny” brings together around a hundred artisans and artists from the region. You can discover the flavours of the region, the winegrowers of Torgny, street entertainment, and other musical and artistic performances. It’s a great opportunity to discover, taste, meet or simply stroll in an exceptional environment!

Fête artisanale de Torgny Lorraine

Fête artisanale de Torgny © WBT- David Samyn

Romantic nights

Every year, on the Saturday following the summer solstice, enjoy the romantic setting of the Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia.

Nuit romantique 2017 Chassepierre

Nuit Romantique 2017 à Chassepierre © Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie

The Romantic Night in the Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia offers a romantic experience in a place of beauty and tradition!

Come and see places of heritage, memory and harmony! Let the magic happen and experience an evening of romance in exceptional locations!

Les Nuits Romantiques dans les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie

Nuit Romantique 2018 à Thon-Samson © Stéphane Sabbe

The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia with ❤️ authenticity at your fingertips!

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The association Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie (The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia) oversees a network of 32 villages, bearers of a strong territorial identity and reflecting traditional architecture. It is committed to promoting the rural, cultural and natural heritage of Wallonia and is a part of the development of local and responsible tourism.

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