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The village is part of a remarkable natural landscape with a narrow valley, steep hillsides, a meander, and expanses of meadows.

After strolling through its narrow streets and admiring its white church, begin the hike onto the alluvial plain leading to Azy.

Afterwards, let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere of the wooded meanders of the Semois and the localities such as the Trou des Fées or the Redoute de Gréa. The tour overlooking the river will offer you some splendid views!

Tourist sites

  • Saint Martin’s Church (off route 300m): Listed monument and site
  • Trou des Fées and old mill (off the route, 300m): Network of galleries dug into a limestone rock
  • Alluvial forest of Breux: Site of Great Biological Interest “Natura 2000
  • Les Soyisses” meadows: Site of Great Biological Interest “Natura 2000
  • Islands of Laiche: Site of Great Biological Interest “Natura 2000
  • Bohanan viewpoint
  • Redoute de Gréa: Former watchtower built by Louis XIV
  • Burnt rock
  • Roche Lenel and its island: Site of Great Biological Interest “Natura 2000
  • Panorama (off route 500m): Lorraine landscape and the Semois loop

Practical information

Ce circuit vous est proposé en partenariat avec le Syndicat d’Initiative de Florenville sur Semois.

Syndicat d’initiative de Florenville s/ Semois
Esplanade du Panorama, 1
6820 Florenville
Tél. : +32 (0)61 31 12 29
Site web

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of kilometres: 
13 km

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The association Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie (The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia) oversees a network of 32 villages, bearers of a strong territorial identity and reflecting traditional architecture. It is committed to promoting the rural, cultural and natural heritage of Wallonia and is a part of the development of local and responsible tourism.

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