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Little sisters of the Nuits Romantiques, the "Marches Romantiques" were launched in 2020 to offer a romantic experience in a place of beauty and tradition while adapting to the health context. With the "Marches Romantiques", you will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the villages and to (re)discover their cultural and natural wealth. This Saturday 02 October 2021, a night walk of +/- 6km around the beautiful village of Mozet awaits you in Condroz. Come and observe places of beauty, memory and harmony! Let the magic happen and enjoy an evening of romance in an exceptional setting! Renseignements pratiques et inscriptions ICI Les Plus Beaux villages de Wallonie au ❤️ d'un patrimoine et d’une nature à portée de main !
From 02 October 2021 to 2 October 2021

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The association Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie (The Most Beautiful Villages of Wallonia) oversees a network of 32 villages, bearers of a strong territorial identity and reflecting traditional architecture. It is committed to promoting the rural, cultural and natural heritage of Wallonia and is a part of the development of local and responsible tourism.

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