Authenticity Brochure + Hiking Brochure FR-NL


This duo pack combines our “Authenticity” brochure and our “Hiking” brochure:

Authenticity brochure:

Discover, breathe, savour, … simply relax and stroll a little… In and around the “Most Beautiful Villages in Wallonia” … That is the aim of this guide which offers you walks and “must-sees” of the rural heritage, in the heart of our villages of character!

Hiking brochure:

The 31 routes presented here will surprise you by taking you to the heart of our Most Beautiful Villages along signposted footpaths, unexpected paths or steep lanes. You’ll be sure to feel the excitement as you make your way along the paths within easy reach of your hands and, above all, your feet!



Our publications can be downloaded free of charge from this site and are also available in hard copy (P.A.F: 3€ + postage).


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