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Fagne Famenne

Perched atop a hill overlooking the Hermeton valley, the small village of Soulme is marked off by the Romanesque tower of his church.

Province : Namur
Commune : Doische

Surrounded endless preserved countryside, this village of the Fagne region is located remotely from the main roads which gives the streets a race sence of peace. The fifty houses that make up the village are grouped around the church and date mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries. Limestone or covered with traditional whitewash and toped by a slate roofs, they form generous public spaces. Here and there, a few tradionnal farmhouses are still active, so you might cross a tractor or two...

The village heart is a great place to start a hike, following one of the rural or forest roads, leading to the Hermeton river and its tributary the Omeri.

© Photographies: 3,5,10 Clémence Moreau / 1-2,4,6-9,11,13-14 Mark Rossignol / 12 François Delfosse




Office du Tourisme de Doische
Rue du Bois du Fir, 115
5680 Doische
Tél : +32(0)82 74 49 42

Maison du Tourisme Pays Des Lacs 
Route de la Plate-Taille 99
6440 Boussu-Lez-Walcourt
Tél.  : +32(0)71 14 34 83

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