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1 heure 36 min pour venir en vélo de Furfooz, Belgique (15,9km)


Fagne Famenne

On the borders of Famenne and the Ardennes , Sohier will immerse you in an environment defined by green gold and brown shades from which emerges a tinted gray silhouette that has it all.

Province : Luxembourg
Commune : Wellin

Take a few more steps and discover, at a glance , the small village of Sohier marching into one wide street. This is the Fammene, all buildings seem alike. A second look will show you the relative wealth of family farms not from the size on living quarters, but by the volume of the spaces dedicated to agriculture. 

The old City hall, the presbytary and of course the church are withnesses of an golden XIXth century, whilst hidden by massive trees, the silhouette of the miedevil castle roots the village in more ancient times. 

© Photography: 2 Christian Collet / 3,5-9,11-14 Mark Rossignol / 1,4 François Delfosse / 10 PBVW




Office du Tourisme de Wellin
Rue de Gedinne, 17
6920 Wellin
Tél. : + 32 (0)84 38 81 62

Maison du Tourisme de la Forêt de Saint-Hubert
Place du Marché, 15
6870 Saint-Hubert
Tél. : + 32 (0)61 61 30 10