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1 heure 36 min pour venir en vélo de Furfooz, Belgique (15,9km)



A château surrounded by lush greenery. Mirwart is a small picturesque village where time seems to have stood still. Beautifully situated in lush greenery, Mirwart is surrounded by forests. Old farms and farmhouses appear unchanged: half-timbering, old stones and bricks are still the hallmarks of the architectural heritage.

The main street leads to the château. Imposing but modest, the listed building has stood since the Middle Ages. Boosting an extraordinary history, it has often been damaged by wars and revolutions but has always been rebuilt and improved. On a rocky spur, it overlooks the Lomme, a peaceful but winding river. At the bottom of the village beside the forests are the community's fishponds. They have been specially developed to show visitors the huge variety of fauna and flora by the water. In the season, you might see some fishing rods dotted here and there. The statue of the Seed Sower, an unmissable landmark created by a local artist, will greet passers-by beside the church. It has also given its name to the local beer "Le Semeur". Although much smaller than the church, it adds a human touch to this remote village. You can't help but love the mix of traditional architecture, old stones and unspoilt nature.