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1 heure 36 min pour venir en vélo de Furfooz, Belgique (15,9km)



The village of Gros-Fays is typical of the Ardennes, made of scale walls and roofs. Away from main roads, the village is peaceful. No luxury here: the simple and sturdy traditional architecture echos the hard life of farmers in the Ardennes, working poor soils. Keep this in mind by the laundry basin, the fortified farm and the old brewery.

Province: Namur
City: Bièvre

Perched on the hillside, the village offers views over the valley of the Semois in a remarkable natural setting. Its beech forest where is this is one of its wealth. Below the village, old shale quarries are still visible today. Tobacco cultivation are also left some wood construction for dryng the leaves. Located a few miles from Alle-sur-Semois, Gros-Fays is connected directly to the valley via networks of signposted walks.

Don't miss having a drink at the authentic local café.

Nearby, Cornimont is a small secluded village, a nice place to extend your visit and pause for lunch.   

© Photographs: 1-3,5-12 Mark Rossignol / 4 François Delfosse




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