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Hennuyer silty plateau

Set in a rural setting, Aubechies is a small village representative of the Hainaut architecture of the past century. This is the area of orange and whitewashed villages, made of tile and brick,seldomly set on sandstone bases.

Province: Hainaut
City: Beloeil

The central square of Aubechies is layed out in front of the Romanesque Saint-Gery church. At its back, a large public space grouping the old town hall and school, a common trait in these rural areas. Different listed buildings define its architectural heritage: the Bruyère farm and its dove porch, the old castle and garden english of Bruycker, the farm of the  Saint-Ghislain Abbey...

Aubechies is a small village, we suggest you plan your visit during the opening hours of the Archeosite Aubechies. It will introduce you to the fundamental changes that have marked civilizations, with multiple full sqale constructions from prehistorical times to the height of the roman empire.

Nearby, lies the Castle and Parc of Beloeil, one of Belgiums most important and suggestive landmarks...


© Photo: 1 Christian Collet /2 PBVW / Mark Rossignol 3-7




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