Chrurch of St Martin & Santiago de Compostela

Located along the roads to Compostela (Thiérache path) Fagnolle was a passing point for pilgrims from Northern Europe to through to Paris and Tours, and Saint- Jacques de Compostela.

This small chruch has been modifed constantly over the centuries. Todays building dates back to the 16th and 19th centuries, the North wall including some stones from the ruined castle. The old gothic frame around the main entrance was placed in 1827.

When compared to the large farmhouses, this place of worship is relatively small : no important investments were made to create a large temple as is the rule in most villages of Wallonia. The interresting point is that the location of the church is probably medieval, still surrounded by the cemetary.    


In practice

Eglise Saint-Martin
rue du Bailli
5600 Fagnolle

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