Château de Mozet

The seat of a manorial lordship since the 14th century, this old château in limestone rubble masonry sits on a hillock near the village centre.

A four-sided château once surrounded by moats, it has undergone several conversions and restorations over the centuries. Only the north side, flanked by two circular towers, is original. A dovecot porch, with arched gate on chained posts, commands the entrance to the château. Its upper storey, which was rebuilt in brick in the 18th century, still features the old drawbridge rollers. Inside the courtyard, the arched gate, rebuilt in brick, has a limestone rubble masonry storey quoined with cornerstones. At the top, a sort of dovecot stands on quarter consoles.

In the courtyard, study of the main building's large facade reveals several construction periods. To the east, the different rubble stone, thickness and old cornerstones suggest the remains of a medieval dungeon. To the west, the traces of an opening in the semi-circular arch on squared supports in the masonry reveals the later extension of the building. The addition of the square side towers dates back to the 18th century. Finally, the main building with slate gable roof and wood corniche as well as the east and west wings owe their current features to the major changes of the 19th century.

Today, the "Domaine de Mozet" estate is an information and accommodation centre for schools and other groups.

Words and photographs: Mark Rossignol


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Château de Mozet
2 Rue du Tronquoy
5340 Mozet

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