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Elevage de la Petite Suisse

The Elevage de la Petite Suisse is driven by a passion for cattle and especially the diversity of breeds.

The farm has calves, heifers and cows from ten different breeds, including Aubrac, Angus, Simmental and Belgian Blue.

It's delighted to bring customers its artisanal beef with varied flavours throughout the year.

It aims to incorporate social issues such as biodiversity and restoring calcareous grassland into its day-to-day operations.

The Elevage de la Petite Suisse is the life work of one cattle breeder, Hugues Derzelle, and his family. He's chosen to make biodiversity his guiding principle, leading to a programme called "cows, fauna and flora." He's even taking part in the next Belgian Environment and Energy Award. Details at


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