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Du coq à l'âne

Our small shop sells a range of local products.

Apple juice, special beers, honey, syrup, jams, spices, vinaigrettes, cheese made from goat, sheep and cow milk, butter and fromage blanc (in summer), yogurts, smoked sausage, sweet treats, chocolate, salted butter caramel and delicious ice cream direct from the farm...

We also serve special beers with Herve toasted cheese sandwiches or small sweet treats (homemade crêpes, tarts and ice creams).

We have set aside three walls of our small store for local artists to exhibit their work, which are well worth seeing!


Tuesday 12.00–18.00

Wednesday, Thursday 10.00–18.00

Friday Saturday Sunday 10.00–19.00

Closed on Mondays


En pratique

3 Soiron Centre
4861 Soiron Phone : 087/68.68.30

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